Topshelf materials, Topnotch solutions

Typical facilities: warehouses, carwashes, pasteurization plants, chemicals collection and reloading, warehouses, laboratories, production plants, clean rooms, sewage-treatment plants, waste collection and segregation, combustion plants, car washes, bottling and manufacturing plants where chemicals are utilized, etc.
All the materials being applied must maintain proper performance characteristics and be resistant to media and operating conditions. Particularly, they should be:
- Durable, aesthetic and washable  
- joint-free, non-slippery and non-absorbent
- resistant to pressure, abrasion, impact and scrubbing
- resistant to continuous exposure to water and typical detergents
- resistant to low and high temperatures, and shock variations
- not emit any harmful substances to the environment
- display aseptic properties

Additionally, in case of any reparations and maintenance being performed on existing installations they should:
- be applicable to high-humidity surfaces
- minimize (thanks to short seasoning time)
- minimize possible emission of harmful and volatile substances to the environment
AMPUR MP materials and systems display all these properties. We particularly recommend thick-layer surfaces, such as MP POURED SYSTEM.
The optimal selection of solutions and materials to be applied depends on several factors and can be performed by an experienced AUTHORIZED CONTRACTOR.