Topshelf materials, Topnotch solutions

We are a company that stands on comprehensive knowledge and long-term experience of highly-qualified team of engineers.
PPHU AMPUR cooperates with a number of renowned suppliers, research institutes, manufacturers and employers.
    The scope of our services includes primarily developing and manufacturing high performance materials offered at competitive and reasonable prices.
    Our overriding purpose is to ensure complex supply of ready-made solutions and resin materials for industry, chemically hardened resin surfaces and auxiliary materials.
    We are one of the manufacturers offering complex systems of mineral polyurethane and polyurea surfaces:  AMPUR MP, including UV radiation-resistant material.
    We also manufacture other typical materials and substances based on polyurethane and epoxide binding agents.
    If need be, upon prior consultation, we can develop proper formula, manufacture and supply other products, with specific performance parameters
AMPUR products are characterized by superior quality, competitive prices and short order processing times.

Please feel invited to have a look at our offer.