Topshelf materials, Topnotch solutions

 „PPHU AMPUR Piotr Mundzia”  offers a wide range of materials, technologies and a complex advice on proper selection and application of proper materials and solutions for epoxy surfaces.

We offer:

1.    Evaluation of the existing surface condition
2.    Selection of proper surface system
3.    Short order processing time
4.    Assistance and technical supervision at the execution stage
5.    Organizing meetings and trainings with Contractors

AMPUR systems and materials

1.    AMPUR MP

2.    AMPUR PU

3.    AMPUR EP

Are you looking for flooring for your company? Sectors of the economy will help you to choose: 

- Flooring for the food industry 

- Flooring for chemical industry 

- Flooring for the pharmaceutical industry 

- Flooring for the logistics industry 

- Other