Topshelf materials, Topnotch solutions

Multi-component, colourant, semi-flexible system with high performance parameters. Each material consists of a proper component that are supplied in package units. Two-component or single-component materials (2K)  can be distinguished (1K).

- component A (colourant, modified polyol resins)
- component B (modified polyisocyanates)

Hardening process can be described as a chemical reaction between particular elements of the components, reaction with ambient humidity and evaporation of organic diluents. For detailed description of the materials preparation and use, please refer to Application Manual and Product Data Sheets for PU Products.

AMPUR PU systems are recommended particularly for economic, semi-flexible surfaces that are used in dry places, with small mechanical load.  PU/UV lacquer -closed versions are characterized by high colour stability and can be used outdoors.