Topshelf materials, Topnotch solutions

Multi-component, colourant, diffusive, fast-curing system with high performance parameters. Each material consists of a proper component that are supplied in marked and strictly balanced package units:

- component  A ( modified polyol resins emulsion)
- component  B (modified polyisocyanates)
- component  C (reactive filler),
- component  D (liquid pigment) 

Hardening process can be described as a chemical reaction between particular elements of the components.
 For a detailed description of the materials preparation and use, please refer to Application Manual and Product Data Sheets for MP Products.
AMPUR MP systems are particularly recommended for fast, on-the-spot repairs, and thick-layer, extremely durable, non-slippery industrial surfaces – especially for  „wet production” spaces.
UV coating-closed versions can be used outdoors.